Environmentally Friendly Signs

Completed for:
The Veoila Environmental Trust
Ruthdene, Station Road
Four Ashes
WV10 7DG
Completed by:

The Veolia Environmental Trust was established in 1997 under the Landfill Communities Fund.
They support a wide range of community and environmental projects throughout the UK. The money they use for grants is made available through the Fund.


Veolia Environmental Services (UK) plc has supported this initiative by contributing £51m since they were established, which to date has been used to help 1531 projects.

On the site of each project the Trust likes to display a small sign displaying their sponsorship of the project.

Naturally their preference would be for a sign that is, itself, environmentally friendly - ideally a sign made of recycled material. And here it is!

The Trust approached Signs Now because of our ISO 14001 accreditation and our passion for making the sign industry more aware of the issues of sustainability and environmental impact. Like any sign company we take down and bring back a lot of old plastic signs and we also generate some plastic waste. We have an arrangement with a national material supplier, The Robert Horne Group, whereby these materials are recycled.

The Managing Director of the Trust - McNabb Laurie - has been delighted with the result.